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Over the past 50 years the management of vascular trauma has changed from mandatory surgical exploration to selective nonoperative treatment, where possible. Noble ve et al 2007 manual of emergency and critical care ultrasound. Over the past 50 years, additional advances in managing vascular trauma have been made. Duplex arteriography for lower extremity revascularization pages. Duplex ultrasound of the superficial femoral artery is a better. Vascular extremity trauma statpearls ncbi bookshelf. Penetrating and blunt traumarelated vascular injuries such as vein disruption, intimal. The role of duplex ultrasonography in the detection of occult venous injuries. Duplex ultrasonography correctly characterized and localized vascular injuries in 23 patients.

For overt vascular injuries noted on the initial survey, such as active bleeding, manual. Routine postoperative duplex ultrasonography screening and monitoring for the detection of deep vein thrombosis. Diagnostic vascular ultrasonography with the help of color doppler. Noninvasive vascular diagnosis comprehensively covers all aspects of. Noninvasive modalities, such as doppler pressure measurements and duplex ultrasound us, screen for vascular. Pointofcare ultrasound and doppler ultrasound evaluation of. Duplex ultrasonography was used prospectively in the initial evaluation of 198 patients with 319 potential vascular injuries of the neck and extremiti. Duplex ultrasound velocity criteria in carotid artery stenting patients.

Doppler sonography, color flow duplex doppler, critical. Entire textbooks have been dedicated to the topic of vascular trauma. At this time, many of the vascular injuries were pseudoaneurysm, arterial laceration or. Noninvasive diagnosis of vascular trauma by duplex. Duplex ultrasonography can be performed at the bedside. Noninvasive vascular diagnosis a practical guide to therapy ali. Diagnostic vascular ultrasonography with the help of color doppler and contrast enhanced ultrasonography ceus. Duplex ultrasonography is also the imaging modality of choice.

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