Labour law in kuwait 2010 pdf

Kuwait labor law guidebook 2010 apprenticeship employment. The government on 21 february 2010 enacted a new labour law, law no. Normes unofficial english translation, 2010, translation of certain extracts of the law, 2 p. Law na 28 of the year 1969 concerning labor in the oil sector. Social security law issued by the amiri order in law no. On the 21st of february 2010, a new hope was given to the emigrants working in kuwait. Of labor in the oil sector or in the event where the text of this law is more beneficial to the worker. Kuwait explanatory memorandum of law no 6, 2010, labour in. Three main legal codes govern labour conditions in kuwait. This prompted examining of the need to enact a labour law for the private sector that organized relations between workers and employers promote national. Workers should work for six days per week and if they work on friday, they are granted a day and halfs pay and a day off during the following week not including the following friday. Private sector kuwait labor law reader friendly version. The employment conditions of civil servants are regulated by the labour law for government employees.

The published labor law contains the updated provisions and amendments that are proven beneficial and appropriate for employees and their employers. Kuwait labor law information pertaining to kuwait labor. Similarly those working in the private sector are governed by labour law of private sector. The first law organizing labour in kuwait was promulgated in 1959, it was amended by. Al kuwait al youm, al jarida al rasmiyya, 212 2010, no. The labor law also stipulates that employees are only allowed to work for 8 hours a day which includes a long break of up to one hour. Kuwait labor law was created to regulate the work force in the private sector.

The new kuwait labor law was already published in kuwait s official gazette. Those working in the oil industry are protected by the labour law of oil sector. Kuwait labor law guidebook 2010 free download as pdf file. Labor law chapter iv contract article 12 the worker shall be employed by virtue of a contract, verbal or in writing, comprising in particular the start date of appointment, wage agreed upon, term of. All that is given to the worker for his work by virtue of a written or unwritten work contract regardless of the kind of wage or its.

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